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Dear Website Owner,

Are you tired of losing sales and conversions from your website because visitors are simply not as active as they used to? This is a common problem in most websites today, and many internet marketers and business owners will tell you that the simple truth of the matter is you need more lead magnets! Today’s visitors are shown over 15,000 advertisements a day and without having the right tools to grab their attention, you could be losing out on thousands of dollars in sales!

Thousands of webmasters around the world are switching over to Mouseover for our easy to use navigation and flexible features that allow them to increase website productivity and interaction. Sometimes you really do need all of the help you can get when it comes to increasing visitor interaction, and our Mouseover plugin will do just that. When visitors are more active, there will be more clicks and when there are more clicks, there will be more leads and sales!

Your worries are over, because what we are going to show you in a few moments will absolutely BLOW YOUR MIND!

Introducing the Mouseover Plugin

Actual Plugin Below :

We have worked hard in creating this plugin for our own WordPress sites as well as for sites of other webmasters who are simply tired of low conversions and loss of sales. Implementing this elegant plugin on your WordPress blogs and websites will help you increase website interaction as well as ultimately boost sales and conversions! With over hours of endless testing on our own websites, the Mouseover Plugin has been our crown winner in getting more visitors to click on links and overall Sales and conversions booster!

Our Mouseover plugin can be used for literally any type of website and if you are not already using plugin, you really are missing out on leads that can be your next potential customers. Your business is screaming at you to get this and implement one of the internet’s best ways to getting your website visitors to click on your links!

You may use MouseOver Plugin in many ways:

  • Navigation or sub-menu.
  • Social tool bar.
  • Buy / Download buttons.
  • Portfolio and image gallery.
  • and many more!.

If you are a website owner, there is just so many things you could be using the Mouseover Plugin for whether you are wanting to create an interactive navigation bar all the way down to adding a gallery with link the possibilities are endless! Our Mouseover Plugin can be used for many websites from the average photo gallery all the way down to an e-commerce driven sales website.

Here is just an example Of A Site With Mouseover :

Actual Plugin Below :

MouseOver Premium allows you to:

  • Unlimited short-codes to place anywhere on the website.
  • Place the short-code on sidebars and widgets.
  • Upload your images or use built-in graphics (over 100 icons!).
  • Write your own text.
  • Link images and text anywhere.
  • Upload your image as backgrounds or choose plain color.
  • Simply place a short code anywhere in your posts, pages, widgets or sidebars.

Here’s What You Get:

  • The latest and most updated plugin version released.
  • Access to Video Tutorials
  • Over 100 icons built-in to choose from.
  • Upload your own background image.
  • and many many more…!!!

By purchasing our premium plugin, you will receive access to everything included on our free plugin found over at as well as many features. You will be able to add your code anywhere on your website, include your own images for navigation purposes and the flexibility to choose over 100+ in-stock icons already built in. You will also be able to add and link your Mouseover images to anywhere you like such as a purchase page, a download page, a squeeze page and much more. It’s as easy as adding a shortcode generated through our premium plugin which can be used on any of your wordpress pages.